Doing the Most Good You Can Do

We give EA organizations the resources they need to grow, serve, and make the greatest impact as possible.

Assisting Your Growth and Broadening Your Impact

At Thrive Performance Group, we specialize in providing coordinated support and training to small and mid-sized EA Orgs and non-profits who want to broaden their impact. We use a variety of tactics to reduce inefficiencies, increase scalability, and help you serve a larger audience.

We never want you to feel like you are leaving potential impact on the table. 

Unlike many agencies with a single specialty, we are a dynamic team with expert partners who can help your non-profit across the spectrum of operational needs.  

Why Thrive?

Is your non-profit growing so fast that you struggle to adjust your short-term and long-term plans in response?

Do you want to feel like a proactive leader instead of a reactive leader?

Have you only started to breach the surface of how many people across the country or world could be impacted by your mission?

Do you feel intimidated by the need to increase your impact but unsure of how to find the guidance and resources that you need to do so?

We’re here to help you.

We’ve personally seen and experienced the problems that non-profits and other EA organizations face firsthand. In response, we’ve developed multifaceted solutions that help you tackle the inefficiencies and hurdles that prevent your organization from doing as much good as you can.

It’s hard to improve your organization when you aren’t sure where to turn or how to access the resources and guidance that you know are out there. We connect you with the right resources, training, and help you uncover new ways to maximize your organization’s potential.

When each part of your organization is working efficiently and effectively, the whole organization will rise and your impact will grow.

Our Values

  • We believe in the ability for every non-profit to succeed.
  • We believe that bringing field experts together to combine their knowledge is more effective than one person working alone.
  • We believe that, by accurately determining what obstacles are preventing your non-profit from having the biggest impact possible, we can provide you with the best resources for your situation.
  • We are guided by the core principle of Effective Altruism, a movement focused on making the largest impact with the resources available.

We help leaders, employees, specialists, and community members work together for the benefit of everyone.

Let us help you take your non-profit to the next level!

Our Providers

Deena Englander

Deena Englander
Scalability and Growth

Kristyn Berger
Human Resources
Katie Brandt
Conscious Leadership Coach
Grant Wasch
Strategy and Operations
Adam Tury
Adam Tury
Leadership Coach
Eli Kaufman
Naturally IQ
Eli Kaufman
Salesforce Consultant
Patrick S. Reid
Patrick Reid logo
Patrick S. Reid
Consulting Chief Financial Officer
Devon Fritz
Hip logo

Devon Fritz
High Impact Professionals


Rick Holland
confident philanthropy

Rick Holland
Confident Philanthropy


Laura Richards
scaleup consulting group logo

Laura Richards
Director of Operations
Scaleup Consulting Group


Ashlee Berghoff
A2 logo

Ashlee Berghoff
Founder and CEO
A Squared

Our Services

Each engagement begins with an analysis of where your business is and an understanding of any problems you know about. After our team gains an understanding of the core inhibitors that are holding you back from healthy growth and development, we’ll perform a specialized diagnostic developed by our team to determine what the underlying reasons for those problems are. Once we have an accurate diagnosis, you’ll work with the right team of providers to remove those obstacles and develop a plan for successful growth.  

And, of course, if you’re just looking for help with a specific issue, we can set you up with a reliable partner to get quality results.

Fellowship Program:

The operations and management fellowship programs support organizational leaders and operations managers in developing their organization by providing education, community and access to experts to build and grow a stronger organization. It’s like a mini-MBA, exposing you to the knowledge and experience you need to run your organization.

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